Universal design

Tiện nhân lúc đang làm dự án có dính líu tới Universal Design Principles thì mình mới đúc kết được một chân lí: thiết kế giao diện cho người dùng ở Nhật mà áp dụng UD thì KHÓ, cực kì khó huhu. Lướt qua một số các case study đều thấy là các app thông dụng nhất ở Nhật thì hầu như có UI từ tệ cho đến cực kì tệ. Các web hay app thường có lượng thông tin nhiều, bố cục dàn trải, lạm dụng chữ, quảng cáo dày đặc khiến việc xử lí thông tin…

After watching Janine Shepherd’s TED talk at TEDxKC, I was greatly moved by her story about overcoming her health mistress, and then it made me look back to my journey that I feel so grateful to have in this lifetime.
I was born ill physically and mentally. I used to be that kid at school who is terrible at sport. I used to visit the doctor every year, my illness ranges from minor to major ones, in different areas of my body. I had chronicle nasal allergy and I started having asthma in junior high. I used to lock myself up…

Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Egoism controls everything in our life. Anything that appears to be an altruistic act is all calculation for self-satisfaction. A calculation that sought out to receive pleasure. As a result, people constantly face with inner pressure and outer pressure.
We have far from what free will looks like: our characters are shaped by the values of people around us, our motifs and desires are shaped by the media nowadays.
This reality is not so different from what is depicted in The Matrix trilogy (I’ve just rewatched it the other day, still mind-blowing)- where we are living in delusions fed by a bigger system. Certain programs are installed to guide our life path. People are not ready to be unplugged. The only thing matters is that whether we choose to break free or not — blue pill or red pill.

Nguyen Le Hong Anh

Digital Designer and Visual Storyteller. Love to read and write about the Arts, Design and Spirituality.

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